Technology Licensing


We offer our proprietary processing technology via a Non-Exclusive License for its Patented Thermal-Treatment Process (Patent # US 8,198,813 B1). The License will also provide engineering services and technical deliverables based on desired scope of the project, details are available upon request.



STC also provides stand-alone engineering services via a FEEDC (Front End Engineering Design and Costing) Agreement. The FEEDC Agreement will determine techno-economic feasibility of a project. A typical FEEDC Agreement will provide the following:

  • Site visit to Buyer's potential plant location
  • Estimated CapEx
  • Estimated OpEx
  • Mass-Energy Balance with Emission Estimates
  • Plant Equipment List with estimated power requirements
  • Estimated Utilities
  • Plant Process Flow Sheet
  • Plant 2D Layout Drawings
  • Plant 3D Layout
  • Plant P&ID Drawings
  • Plant Concrete Drawings
  • Mechanical and Electrical Installation Cost Estimates
  • Site Preparation and  Building Cost Estimates

Proprietary Processing Equipment


STC will provide state-of-the-art patented biomass processing technology for biomass dehydration, combustion, and thermal-treatment. The patented equipment is designed and manufactured by STC's technical partner Earth Care Products, Inc. (ECP) also located in Independence, Kansas, USA.

Proprietary Processing Equipment includes the following:

  • Volumetric biomass metering system (self-feeder)
  • Patented Z8 Rotary Dryer with multistage biomass dehydration technology (Patent # US 7,155,841 B2)
  • CycloClean Biomass Burner with Hot Gas Temperature Control System and proprietary Vee-Blade Damper System
  • Patented Thermal-Treatment Reactor (Patent # US 8,388,493 B1)
  • Ancillary proprietary equipment for air-material separation post dehydration
  • Ancillary equipment for volatile gas treatment and energy recovery
  • Ancillary equipment for biomass size reduction
  • Ancillary equipment for mechanical and pneumatic conveying

Product Development


We offer product development services for various thermally-treated biomaterials to address multiple industrial solutions including:

  • Testing of Buyer's feedstock in prototype Thermal-Treatment Reactor
  • Production of thermally-treated biomass test samples for market development
  • Optimization of thermal-treatment process parameters
  • New engineered biomaterial characterization test for quality optimization

Market Development


STC offers market development services for all thermally-treated engineered biomaterials through:

  • Establishment of new production platforms via existing customer base using STC proprietary processing equipment
  • Integration of STC thermal-treatment technology into existing commercial biomass processing plant with biomass size-reduction, dehydration, and combustion (for example: wood pellet plants, saw mills, compost yards, etc.)
  • Presentation of engineered biomaterials produced for Buyer to interested parties for new market applications
  • Introduction of potential Buyer to new inquiries at STC for new market development